08 July 2019

The Salvation Army in Ridgecrest Responding to Earthquake

Salvation Army responding to historic earthquake

RIDGECREST, CA. (July 5, 2019) - In response to the historic Ridgecrest earthquake, The Salvation Army has set up a kitchen at a Red Cross shelter at the Kerr McGee Community Center in Ridgecrest. Marshalling resources and staff from neighboring Salvation Army locations, including Bakersfield, on the morning of July 5, The Salvation Army has fed nearly 300 people breakfast and is preparing to serve lunch. In addition, The Salvation Army is sending three pallets of water from Bakersfield. With continued aftershocks and damage to the area, The Salvation Army continues to evaluate its response efforts and stands ready to serve and respond. For further information on The Salvation Army’s response efforts or to donate, please visit goldenstate.salvationarmy.org.

Donations - During emergencies, the best way the public can help is to provide monetary donations which allows the delivery of the exact relief supplies a community needs including the ability to purchase meals and key distribution center items to support the local economy. Plus, The Salvation Army uses 100 percent of all donations designated ‘disaster relief’ in support of disaster operations. To donate, visit goldenstate.salvationarmy.org.

About The Salvation Army Disaster Services

The Salvation Army is uniquely positioned to serve those impacted by disasters, however long it takes, because they are there before, during, and after impact. Beyond serving immediate physical needs, they also meet the emotional and spiritual needs that are unique to catastrophic events. The Salvation Army:

  • Delivers disaster relief to an average of 382,000 people annually.
  • Serves every ZIP code in the United States and touches almost 25 million lives a year.
  • Has served survivors of every major national disaster since 1900.
  • Remains in communities until needs are met and beyond.