11 December 2018

The Salvation Army provides emergency relief and long-term recovery assistance to individuals and families affected by disaster, providing immediate deployment of mobile canteens equipped with food, water, and emergency supplies by trained staff and volunteers.

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Last year, The Salvation Army served 7,457 meals, 460 snacks, 8,405 bottles of water/beverages, and provided 1,630 articles of clothing and 1,247 N95 respirator masks. 886 households received short-term financial assistance in the form of gift cards or thrift store vouchers totaling $182,390 toward household recovery.

Rebuilding the community, residences, and homes will take years and The Salvation Army continues to provide financial assistance and support to all communities, as funding is available, until their needs are met. To date, The Salvation Army has provided long-term financial assistance to over 240 households, totaling $564,629.

Latest Updates

The Salvation Army Progressing on Long Term Recovery for SoCal Wildfires

To date, 985 individuals have received immediate financial assistance.

LOS ANGELES, CA. December 11, 2018 – The Woolsey Fire and Hill Fire struck Southern California in early November, growing to burn a combined 100,000 acres and destroying more than 1,500 structures. The people of Southern California responded with generosity and empathy through charitable donations. The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services is taking the lead in distributing assistance with the goal of guiding people through the long road to recovery. Long-term recovery group meeting for LA County to discuss the recovery process are underway. The service statistics for The Salvation Army to date are as follows:

(Last Update: 12/26/2018)

  • Financial assistance valued at $219,733 to 1,168 individuals in 502 households.
  • More than 1,184 meals, 1,518 snacks and 1,644 beverages served to evacuation centers and through mobile feeding canteens.
  • Distributed 144 personal air purifiers, 54 bags of ice and 22 clean-up kits.
  • More than 1,180 hours of service from Officers, Staff Members and Volunteers.
  • 27 persons prayed with and 91 persons contacted

For people affected by the wildfires looking for assistance, there are two assistance centers currently open:

  • Malibu Courthouse (23525 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265) - Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • Conrad L. Hilton Foundation (30440 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91362) - Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

You can send help those affected in Southern California by donating online here.

The Salvation Army’s Wildfire Relief Enters Fourth Week

Highlights Include 1,884 Meals Served, More Than $134,000 in Financial Aid

LOS ANGELES, CA. December 3, 2018 – Although The Woolsey Fire was fully contained on November 21, The Salvation Army continues its disaster relief operations, bringing relief in the wake of its total destruction. In the last three weeks, The Salvation Army served 1,884 meals (including evacuation centers and mobile feeding canteens) to people affected by both the Woolsey and Hill fires. More recently, The Salvation Army has been helping residents of these communities rebuild at Disaster Assistance Centers, with financial assistance valued at a total of $134,496 given to 613 individuals. These Disaster Assistance Centers, located at the Malibu Courthouse Civic Center(23525 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265) and the Conrad Hilton Foundation (30440 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91362), are expected to remain open until December 8. A Disaster Recovery Center has been established for Ventura County residents at 173 North Moorpark Road, Suite A, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

Recent rains brought the possibility of dangerous mudslides to formerly fire-struck areas, including The Salvation Army’s summer campgrounds in Malibu Canyon. No substantial mudslides incidents occurred. Evacuation orders were issued in the Riverside area, and seven people reported to an evacuation shelter. Executive Director of Camp, Marty Brown, and his staff worked off-site as a precautionary measure because the fire damage on the hillsides overlooking camp may be susceptible to mudslides.

The Salvation Army has an institutional presence in these communities and will continue working with residents to meet the needs of people affected by these wildfires. Financial donations enable The Salvation Army to address these diverse challenges on a timely basis. Disaster relief donations are 100% committed to service and administrative fees are waived. To be part of the relief operations, donate by clicking here.

Wildfire Relief from The Salvation Army Continues at Local Assistance Centers

At Three Locations, Organizations & Agencies Provide One Stop For Disaster Aid

LOS ANGELES, CA. November 18, 2018 – The Salvation Army’s disaster relief operation entered a new phase this past weekend as a Local Assistance Center and two Disaster Assistance Centers opened in Thousand Oaks, Malibu and Agoura. At these centers, The Salvation Army, government agencies and other disaster relief organizations are meeting people affected by the recent Woolsey & Hill wildfires. These locations serve as all-purpose stops for people looking for financial assistance, government documents, and information about how they can rebuild following the devastating fires. As of Monday, 85 households affected by the Woolsey and Hill files have received financial assistance from The Salvation Army, totaling approximately $29,400. The assistance centers are located at:

  • Grant R Brimhall Library (1401 E Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362) – Open 11/15 to 11/20.
  • Conrad L. Hilton Foundation (30440 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91362) – Open 11/17, 11/19-21, 11/23-24.
  • Malibu Courthouse (23525 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265) – Open 11/17, 11/19-21, 11/23-24.

The Woolsey Fire currently sits at a size of 96,949 acres and 91% containment. 1,452 structures have been destroyed and another 337 were damaged. The Hill Fire is now 100% contained at 4,531 acres. Four structures were destroyed and two more were damaged. In the immediate aftermath of these fires, The Salvation Army provided food to evacuation centers, serving more than 1,500 meals in total.

The Salvation Army is preparing to address the long-term needs of the community. Financial donations enable The Salvation Army to meet the diverse needs and circumstances of people affected by the wildfires. Disaster relief donations are 100% committed to service and administrative fees are waived. To be part of the relief operations, donate by clicking here.

As Evacuation Centers Consolidate, The Salvation Army Remains Focused on Assistance

At California Lutheran University, The Salvation Army Offers Meals & Counsel

Los Angeles – November 14, 2018. The Woolsey Fire continues to burn at only 47% containment, having claimed more than 97,000 acres since Thursday. Several evacuated communities have been allowed to return, and as a result, five Ventura County evacuation shelters have consolidated into one at California Lutheran University (60 W Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360).

The Salvation Army has continued their food service at the new shelter. Since Friday, The Salvation Army has served approximately: 1,286 meals, 1,133 beverages and 1,197 snacks to evacuees of the Woolsey and Hill Fire. Officers have also been made available for spiritual and emotional counseling. Since Friday, they have prayed with 23 persons. There are also plans to begin mobile food service in neighborhoods affected by the fire that have had their evacuation orders lifted.

At this stage, The Salvation Army is looking toward the long term recovery of these communities. Through donations, The Salvation Army is able to direct their focus on local assistance with rental assistance programs, food distribution, gift card distribution and more. Since last year’s Thomas Fire, which burned more than 200,000 acres, The Salvation Army spent (and continues to spend) more than $500,000 on assistance to families in the Ventura and Santa Barbara County areas. A similar campaign is expected to take place after the Woolsey Fire is contained.

The need is great. To make a contribution, click here or text “Wildfire” to 41444.

Evacuation Centers Begin to Close/The Salvation Army Continues to Serve

Food Service at Existing Evacuation Centers Go on as The Salvation Army Prepares for Aftermath Assistance to Fire Survivors

Los Angeles – November 12, 2018.The Salvation Army is grateful to report – due to heroic efforts from firefighting air assets yesterday – no further destruction took place at its Camp Lawrence Daley at Mt. Crags yesterday. Like other fire survivors, the time for assessing the damage and rebuilding will come. And even though several of the fire survivor evacuation centers are scheduled to close today, the Santa Ana Wind conditions that are forecasted to continue through Tuesday, remain a threat. As of Friday, The Salvation Army has served nearly 2,000 meals and snacks to fire survivors and more than 1,000 beverages (water, juice, milk) and will begin a new food service at the California Lutheran University Evacuation Center in Thousand Oaks.

A new fire, the Peak Fire, brought with it new evacuation orders for residents of Box Canyon and Lake Manor areas. As a result, The Rancho Santa Susana Recreation Center in Simi Valley oversaw lunchtime food service for new evacuees. With evacuation orders lifted, the shelter is expected to close later today.

With existing collaborations with other agencies, The Salvation Army’s Disaster Case Management program that is currently still aiding those affected by last year’s Thomas Fire in Ventura County, will soon be opened for those impacted by the Hill & Woolsey Fires. Donations are in critical demand. We encourage the public to help us help others by donating today by whatever means is most convenient at:

Click here to Donate Online
or text "Wildfire" to 41444

The Salvation Army Joins Ranks of Fire Survivors as its Malibu Canyon Summer Camp Suffers Severe Damage

Its Wilderness Camp for Teens a Total Loss…Other Buildings Completely Destroyed.

Los Angeles – November 11, 2018. As the sun came up this morning Marty Brown, the Executive Director of Camp Lawrence Daley at Mt. Crags, Camp Gilmore and Camp Wilderness, surveyed the fire damage. Camp Wilderness, a section of the campgrounds reserved for programs with underprivileged teens, was a complete loss. Other structures at the camp were also completely destroyed. With the fire situation facing another wind event today through Tuesday, the camp’s other structures remain in jeopardy.

The Salvation Army continues undaunted as it continues to bring relief to those who are suffering in the on-going Woolsey Fire and Hill Fire disasters. Staff and volunteers from five Salvation Army groups (the Ventura Corps, Oxnard Corps, San Fernando Valley Corps, Simi Valley Service Extension and Valley Missional Communities) have been serving at six evacuation shelters since Friday. They have provided more than 793 meals, 471 drinks and 793 snacks. Officers also offered emotional and spiritual care and have prayed with 11 persons at shelters.

Today, meal service continues and The Salvation Army is preparing for the long-term recovery effort, even within its own camp. The need for assistance will continue to escalate as the wildfires continue to burn and thousands of displaced residents find that their homes are gone.

Those interested in helping The Salvation Army can donate by clicking here.

Salvation Army Responds to Hill and Woolsey Fires Even as it Becomes Part of the Evacuation Story

Organization’s Summer Camp Facility in Malibu Canyon Evacuated Yesterday and Fate Still Unknown.

Los Angeles – November 10, 2018. The Hill and Woolsey Fires continue to burn out of control, The Salvation Army already bringing immediate assistance to evacuees. In an ironic twist, The Salvation Army became part of the evacuation story when staff at its Summer Camp location in Malibu Canyon was under mandatory evacuation order yesterday. There were no children at the camp this time of year but the condition of the camp and whether it experienced any damage from the fire yesterday has yet to be determined.

On Friday, The Salvation Army provided more than 220 meals at just one evacuation Center – the Santa Susana Recreation Center in Simi Valley. Today, The Salvation Army will be providing breakfast at all four evacuation center and will continue to serve lunch and dinner at the Simi Valley location.

The Salvation Army’s Disaster Case Management System, which is still working with the survivors of last year’s devastating Thomas Fire in Ventura, will soon expand its perimeter to include the families looking for assistance to rebuild from the destruction of the Hill and Woolsey Fires. With another Santa Ana wind event in the forecast and with both fires as of this morning characterized by fire officials as “zero” containment, The Salvation Army expects to be “on call” for some time to come. The best way the public can assist The Salvation Army in its efforts to help fire survivors is by monetary donations. Monetary aid allows The Salvation Army to “target” assistance where it is needed most. 

To donate to our wildfire relief efforts, click here.

San Fernando Valley Corps food service EDS Director serving food at evacuation shelter Food service