03 January 2020


In 2019, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority reported an increase of 12% in homelessness, a shocking increase that comes after 2018's optimistic decrease. The homelessness crisis is certainly unpredictable and a gargantuan challenge. The cities of Southern California are being challenged to find solutions that are effective, dignified and sustainable. In 2019, they've found The Salvation Army an experienced and driven partner.

This year we loudly proclaimed our intention to double our impact on California's homelessness epidemic. Through our guiding pillars of prevention, intervention and integration, we've laid the groundwork for recovery for thousands of unsheltered individuals from Oxnard to El Cajon. 2019 was the year we opened new programs and facilities all across the Southland to make a tangible difference in this urgent mission. It's more than just providing a roof overhead; it's giving underprivileged kids a chance to meet their potential, or giving families the resources to stay afloat. In 2019, we rededicated ourselves to not just the recovery of individuals, but to the recovery of communities all across the Southland.

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Last year, The Salvation Army grew in key ways -- most notably, in opening new shelters and programs as part of our...

Posted by Salvation Army California South on Friday, January 3, 2020