28 December 2018

Every year is a unique milestone, but 2018 will stand out in The Salvation Army's history as an especially momentous year. One of the deadliest wildfire seasons for the entire state of California came to pass; the former Southern California & Sierra Del Mar divisions combined into one, new division spanning San Luis Obispo to San Diego; and we created new ways to better serve the millions of people in the many communities we live.

It is common to take the end of the year to reflect. For The Salvation Army, it's even more appropriate; the holiday season leaves us little time to look back. It's when we have the most events, receive the most attention, and support the most people. It's not until the year's end that we can breathe and look back at everything we've done. Often that comes in the form of statistics: how many people did we serve? How many gifts did we distribute? But reporting is only part of the story. It's also a story told in pictures: the faces of people we've helped, the new homes we've been able to build, or the volunteers that made all of this possible. As we did last year, we share with you this story, and look forward to your companionship in 2019.