19 May 2015

The Salvation Army’s Way In Youth Services Program located in the heart of Hollywood is a place where homeless teens find refuge from the Hollywood street life. On Monday, May 18, the Way In was buzzing with renewed energy as several renowned street artists donated their time and talent to make the space even more inviting. The Way In provides food, shelter and counseling in a multi-faceted program that includes residential housing, an independent living program for teens and young adults who have fallen through the chasms of the social safety net.

Street artist legends Morley, Teacher, Jennifer Korsen, Wrdsmth, Random Act and Becca each took a wall in the interior of the shelter - giving it an artistic make-over capturing the spirit of love. “The Artists will be bringing their passion for life, spirit and hope to the walls of the Way In,” said Executive Director of The Way In, Karen Wiener. “And it’s a spirit that will be passed on and felt by our clients for years to come.”

Through a close-knit network of shelter programs and area agencies, The Way In helps to provide viable solutions to the problem of homeless youth living on the streets of Los Angeles. The program makes services available to kids in need who are without a voice and who are cut off from society.