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5941 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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The Salvation Army Weingart Youth Center was started in 1996 to encourage students to stay in school, and to deter delinquency. The goal of the Center is to provide a safe and constructive after-school environment, that allows elementary, middle and high school students access to educational and sports programming in the Hollywood area.

The Center has become a safe haven for boys and girls, many of whom come from single-parent households, and live in low-income areas which make them vulnerable to juvenile crime. The Center provides for their physical and educational needs through a number of enrichment activities, including after school youth programs, computer instruction, sports, arts & crafts and homework assistance. Adults and seniors are also served on a limited basis with low-impact aerobics and work-related computer instruction.

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Our Services

  • Computer instruction and homework assistance are provided to students aged seven to seventeen, who may not have access to computers elsewhere. Each class consists of a short lecture, hands-on experience and worksheet exercises.
  • The Center provides many of its sports activities in collaboration with local organizations. Basketball leagues are offered with competing teams from the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood and the Cahuenga Recreational Park. The Center also offers an indoor soccer league with the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood, as well as indoor volleyball and baseball. Children also receive karate instruction courtesy of our collaborative partner, the Police Activities League.
  • Arts and crafts classes are provided as a supplement to the academic and computer classes offered at the Center, and in recognition of the lack of such programming at schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Through this program, students learn to express themselves creatively through a variety of arts media, including paint, paper-mache, clay and mixed media construction.
  • The Learning Center provides kids with limited tutoring, homework help, research assistance and story time. One of the Center's primary goals is to help students improve their chances of succeeding in school, by emphasizing the importance of finishing homework and making studying fun.

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