The Haven was started in 1994 at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Healthcare Center (VAHC) as an emergency housing program for veterans. The Haven caters to the needs of veterans, on issues such as housing, employment, healthcare, behavioral health, substance abuse and community integration. Every year, more than 2500 veterans are served through our various programs.


Since veterans make up approximately one-third of our nation's homeless population - a number expected to grow in the coming years as a younger generation of veterans returns from active combat zones - The Haven is committed to providing this population with housing and supportive services. The Haven serves 2,500 veterans each year, on the campus of the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration complex. Short-term housing is available at the Alpha Center, and transitional housing that focuses on substance abuse recovery is offered at Victory Place. Female veterans have access to supportive housing at Naomi House and those who suffer with mental illness live in the board and care facility known as Exodus Lodge. 

Our Services

The Haven ensures that homeless or at-risk veterans receive housing and support services in addition to the medical care offered by the VAHC. The Haven's components include:

  • Alpha Center- Provides emergency short-term housing (1-14 days) for up to 35 veterans who move from care at the VAHC without housing arrangements. After completing the program, veterans move from the Alpha Center to other programs on the VAHC campus, shelter/recovery programs in the community or to the Haven's Victory Place. Every year, more than 2,000 veterans reside at the Alpha Center.
  • Victory Place- Offers a state licensed substance abuse treatment facility for 95 veterans. Successful participants in the program have achieved 180 days of sobriety, full-time employment and adequate income to support a housing option of their choice. More than 200 veterans go through the program each year.
  • Exodus Lodge- Serves the needs of 90 veterans suffering from mental illness. Exodus provides emergency housing for up to thirty days for 20 veterans, and a state-licensed board and care program for 70 additional veterans. More than 300 veterans reside at Exodus Lodge each year.
  • Naomi House- Provides emergency housing, support services and a work development program for 15 female veterans.
  • Senior Housing- Serves the needs of 25 male veterans, age 60 and older. This program is specially designed to address the issues and needs of homeless, senior aged veterans.


The Community Integration Program exists to promote housing and employment stability among low-income veterans and their families.  Our program offers a supportive environment for veterans and their families to receive services from staff trained to help maintain housing, find affordable housing, find and maintain stable employment and build a healthy community life that will nurture long-term success.

  • Housing Stability - provides temporary financial assistance, housing counseling and advocacy, and assistance with health care, legal aid, and obtaining VA and other benefits
  • Return to Work - provides individualized job search and placement, resource connections to employment and training opportunities and assistance with overcoming barriers to employment

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