Education Services

Most Salvation Army social service programs include educational elements, or training specific to the goals of the program. Whether its computer and skills development classes at our numerous youth and daycare centers, educational certification and vocational training at our rehabilitation centers, parenting classes as part of our transitional living program, or helping children understand about HIV/AIDS and how to cope with this affliction in their personal life - Every program works to meet the unique challenges of their community, and provide valuable educational services to fit the needs of their clients.

For many of the people we serve; lack of education or training is a difficult barrier to overcome. The Salvation Army is committed to providing educational training and skills enhancement to those looking to regain control of their lives, or to children who simply need a helping hand with homework or tutoring. In fact, many of our youth programs focus on improving literacy and encouraging high school completion, before lack of education has a chance to prevent them from leading successful lives. We also provide numerous opportunities for children to get involved with artistic and athletic programs, which they may not have been exposed to in the public school system. This helps the kids to keep their options wide open and encourages them to think creatively.