Smiling man eatingHope Harbor, originally Harmony Hall, was founded in 1978 to provide continuing support for men and women who successfully graduated from Salvation Army recovery programs. The facility's new framework offers substance abuse treatment for those who have already gone through detox, as well as residential support and follow-up services for approximately 58 men. Fifty of the available transitional beds are designated to veterans - who must be approved by the V.A. prior to entering the program - while the remaining 8 beds are reserved for men in the Parole Service Network.

While being treated for substance abuse, clients regularly meet with a case manager and counselor; participate in daily group sessions; and work through the 12-step based program. After this portion of the recovery process, Hope Harbor uses interactive workbooks, videos and various assessment tests to identify barriers to employment, and to reveal employment choices. Clients are given a transitional bed on site, or referred to a nearby program while continuing to build the necessary skills to find and hold-down a job.

It is important to help our clients regain control of their lives, which includes helping them to restore family relationships. After the completion of the program, when clients move into an independent living situation, they are still asked to check in with their case managers and attend group sessions as part of their aftercare.

The Center underwent some remodeling the past several years, and only recently re-opened its doors in June of 2009. With updated building standards, fresh paint and a brand new computer lab, Hope Harbor will again be able to help men to continue their recovery from drug and alcohol abuse and prepare them for re-integration back into mainstream society.

Our Services

Services provided at Hope Harbor include the following:

  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Supportive Housing
  • Educational Services, including computer literacy
  • Vocational assessment tests and other employment services