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Many of our homeless shelters, transitional living centers and programs offer supportive services for fighting alcohol and drug addiction, including: Alcohol & Narcotics Anonymous support groups, individual therapy, counseling and, clear codes of behavior to ensure patients continue to stay sober.

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The Salvation Army has traditionally defined itself as the agency of last resort - serving those unable to find help with other agencies. Given this tradition, we ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community including the elderly, those with disabilities, and families with children, receive shelter, food and assistance in rebuilding their lives.

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Most Salvation Army social service programs include educational elements, or training specific to the goals of the program. We have classes tailored to each community and each individual's needs to help them get back on their feet.

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The Salvation Army Family Services Department has been serving the Southern California community for more than fifty years. Our goal is to provide clients with resources that help them transition into stable housing and increased income levels.

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For many families, the struggles of disease management and the burdens of everyday life are difficult to manage. The Salvation Army is committed to providing basic health services to low-income and homeless individuals and operates three programs in Southern California that address the major health issues faced in these communities.

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Providing care and aid for those living on the fringes of society is at the heart of The Salvation Army's mission. Our officers, staff and volunteers work with individuals every day on Skid Row and throughout Southern California, to help them out of homelessness and along a path to recovery.

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Not only is The Salvation Army committed to providing service locally here in Southern California, it is an organization with representation in 125 different countries worldwide.

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The Salvation Army operates a number of senior housing facilities to the increasing number of people in the 65 and older population in Southern California. Our centers provide alternatives to seniors looking for independent living situations, and caregivers who may require additional support.

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The Salvation Army is committed to providing services for veterans, especially in the areas of housing and supportive services. We operate six programs in Southern California alone that address many of the major issues faced by veterans today. These programs focus on substance abuse, recovery, and treatment of mental illness.

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Gangs and youth violence continue to be a growing concern in Los Angeles. The Salvation Army's youth programs address these issues by serving as an oasis for children in troubled neighborhoods. By working with teens and pre-teens, our staff is committed to helping children overcome adversity and extricate them from the cycle of violence.

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